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Levels of Shapewear Shaping

On this webshop I have used 4 levels to describe the shaping power of each individual item.  This will give you a useful insight into how dramatically the garment might help your figure, and also how comfortable it might be to wear.  I thought it might be useful to provide a bit more background and detail about each of the levels, for those of you who are interested.

The four levels are:

1.  Smoothing

2. Gentle Shaping

3.  Firm Shaping

4.  Maximum Shaping


Level 1:  Smoothing

All items in this section really do not provide any material shaping to your body.  However they are extremely smooth and will generally have no seams – so will be invisible under clothing.  These items are perfect if you just want a smooth appearance under loose fitting clothing, and are very comfortable to wear.


Level 2:  Gentle Shaping

Items in this category will provide a bit of a squeeze to gently help your figure in the targeted zones.  You can expect a modest amount of shaping, and the garments will still be very comfortable to wear – even all day long.  Shapewear in this category is perfect for where you want to shape your figure a little – flattening any lumps and bumps  – and where you can retain full and comfortable movement.


Level 3:  Firm Shaping

These items rely on fairly strong Elastane type materials to squeeze you into shape.  They are generally made of heavier weight materials.  While they will definately change your silhouette – they will sightly restrict your movement and are a bit less comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  Shapewear in this category is ideal if you need a bit of help to squeeze yourself into that tight fitting dress – and still look great.


Level 4:  Maxiumum Shaping

This shapewear is about as powerful as it gets.  These items will really transform your figure and can take inches off your vital statistics.  They are fairly heavy duty in construction (and on this website includes a range of steel boned corsets) and will certainly restrict your movement.  they can be worn over extended periods of time, but you will need to practice and get used to the feeling before you do so.  These items are ideal where you want to “dress to impress”.


I hope that provides a bit more flavour to the levels of shaping – and that it helps you get to the perfect item.



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