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Silicone Pads

A great range of foam and silicone hip enhancing products.  Foam is lighter than the silicone - but will obviously compress a bit more easily when you press up against something.

The Padded Brief has foam inserts to boost your curves.  They are held inside a fairly hefty spandex type cycling short.  This will smooth out your curves and the 3" waist band will cinch your waist in to flatter your hips even more.  The side pads are lower down the thigh than many comparable products - which adds the inches where they are most needed.

The silicone hip pads are self adhesive, and can be worn with any lingerie you like.  Although they are self adhesive this is not strong enough to hold them in place unsupported.  I recommend wearing them with some suitable shapewear or a sturdy pair of tights.  These pads give a really great shape, and people will not be able to tell you are wearing artificial padded even if they touch them under your clothes.