Shapewear to flatter your figure & boost your curves


Utimate Control Shapewear

The shapewear here is made up of corsets.  These are proper old fashioned corsets - with steel boning - and can achieve some miraculous body shaping.  The will literally take up to 4" off your waist if fully done up.  They do restrict your movement a bit and it would be tough to eat a big meal with one on - but if you want to Wow your friends they are a great option.

Choose this if....  you want a massive impact and don't care about the restrictions


Shaping Power

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Patterned Underbust Corset (11" front)
Lace-Up Corset, with four suspenders and metal boning. Sizes up to 32" waist in White/Pink and Black/Pink
Underbust Corset (7" front)
Lace-Up Waist Cincher Corset with metal boning. Ultimate Control. Sizes up to 32" waist in Leather (Black or Red) or Suede (Brown or Cream).